Chain Medallion Rug Pattern (Crochet)

(approx. 31" diameter)

designed by Carol Nienhuis of



Please try this out and let me know if you find any errors, or if you have any problems (use my email form for this).  Or maybe you'd like to send me a picture of you finished rug for me to post (Again, let me know through my email form and I'll get back to you with an email address to send the picture to).  Thanks!



Supplies needed: 3 skeins of 6mm-100 macrame cord (1 each of 3 different colors)

Q crochet hook


ch: chain

sc: single crochet

beg: beginning

dc: double crochet

sl st: slip stitch

FO: finish off

YO: yarn over

Rd: round


Ch 2

Rd1: 8sc in 2nd chain from hook.

Rd2: Ch 4 (counts as beg dc + ch1), (in next sc: 2dc, ch1) 7 times, dc in same stitch as beginning dc. Join w/sl st in 3rd chain of beg dc. FO [16 dc, 8 ch1 spaces made]

Rd3: W/color 2, join w/sc in any ch 1 space, sc in same space, (sc in next two dc, 2sc in next ch1 sp) around, sc in last two dc, join w/sl st to beg sc.

Rd4: Ch 3 (counts as hdc + ch1), skip next sc, (hdc in next sc, ch1, skip next sc) around, join s/sl st to 2nd ch of 1st st. [16 hdc, 16 sp made]

Rd5: Ch1, sc in same st, (2sc in next st, 1sc in next st) around, join to top of 1st sc. FO

Rd6: W/color3, ch1, sc around, join.

Rd7: (Ch 4, skip next sc, sl st in next sc) around. FO [24 loops made]

Rd8: Taking color 1, chain 120. Keeping top of chain facing you, wind chain (as a tail) through all loops (from front to back) - see illustration at bottom of page. W/sl st, join chain on hook to 1st ch made (at end of tail).

Rd9: (Ch 2, skip next 4 chains of Rd8, sc in next chain [of Rd8]) around, working one sc in between each of the loops of round 7.

Rd10 Ch 3, (dc in next 5 st, 2dc in next st) around, ending with dc in same sp as beg ch3, join to top of ch3. FO

Rd11 Join color 2 w/sc in any st, sc around, join to top of 1st sc.

Rd12 Ch 3, dc in next 2 st, ch 1 loosely, sk next sc, (dc in next 3 st, ch 1 loosely, sk next sc) around. Joins w/sl st to top of beg ch 3. FO

Rd13 Join color 3 w/sc in top of any 1st dc of any group of 3, (2sc in next ch-1 sp, sc next 3 dc) around, ending w/sc in last 2 dc, join w/sl st to beg sc. FO.

Rd14 Working from backside of rug, join color 1 w/sc in any st, sc around, join w/sl st to 1st sc. FO.

Weave ends into work on backside. Attach w/hot glue, trim. If rug puckers at all, gently tug to stretch the edge a little so it lies flat.


copyright © 2004 Carol's Rugs